Since graduating from Bath Spa University with a degree in Textiles for Fashion and interiors Odette has been translating existing techniques into a range of jewellery as well as lighting. Odette launched Design.by.Odette in 2018 as she continues to develop her practice into wearable pieces for sale.

As a designer maker specialising in constructed textiles, Odette uses a combination of traditional and contemporary techniques such as drawing/collage, knitting, macramé, crochet and laser cutting to create innovative and engaging textile pieces for fashion and interior environments. Odette is greatly inspired by a passion for making and craftsmanship.

Odette utilises found materials alongside laser cut acrylic shapes (informed by her chosen subject matter) which are manipulated and repeated to create intriguing textile surfaces, lighting and jewellery with both soft and structured properties. Playful and interactive qualities are highlighted by the transparent and light reflecting components alongside solid bright and bold colours.